About Us


 Having worked in the alarm industry for 15+ years I understand the unique needs of each and every property.  Everyone wants peace of mind, especially when you travel and are away from your home.    We can tailor our services to fit your unique and specific needs.  

Worried you forgot something?


How many times has this happened to you where you get on the road or you get to your destination and you say " did I turn the lights out?  Did I remember to lock the door or close the garage door?  Did I set the thermostat properly?  Did I turn the water off?"  These questions can go on and on.  With Snowbirder Property Services you don't have to worry.  Call us, send us a text and we will look after things for you.  That way you can spend time doing other things more important; such as relaxing, spending time with family or friends, or taking in that beautiful sunset.

Traveling can be hectic


Let us look after things while your away so that you can enjoy your time away.  Online access to photos and reports are provided so you can be rest assured that your property is being well looked after.